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Trehalose, also known as the “sugar of life” or “resurrection sugar”, is associated with the survival of several organisms that live under extreme environmental conditions.

Trehalose is a nonreducing sugar and has been shown to act against oxidative stress, heat shock, dehydration, harmful chemicals, and nutrient starvation.

It is believed to help organisms survive severe environmental conditions, such as drought or extreme temperatures.

It’s why they named the “Resurrection Plant” because of trehalose and its ability to completely dehydrate and rehydrate the plant again.

That’s because water structure is rather substantially modified by the presence of trehalose and that the hydrogen bonding between water and trehalose hydroxyl groups are significant.

Trehalose acts as a protectant for lipid bilayers by maintaining the lipid in a liquid phase during absence of water. Lipid bilayers (or phospholipid bilayer) are thin polar membranes that form a physical barrier between the cell and its environment. They require a degree of hydration to maintain their integrity, otherwise desiccation could result to irreversible damage of the cell.

Terahertz Trehalose

One of the most important things to understand about the benefits of Terahertz frequency waves is that they primarily act through hydrogen bonding and water molecules.

The Terahertz waves vibrate hydrogen bonds in our body which is the most important biochemical reaction that takes place.

It has been shown that many sugars play an important role as bioprotectant agents, and among the best performers is the disaccharide trehalose.

Trehalose forms many hydrogen bonds and it’s protective role to strong modifications of the tetrahedral arrangement of water molecules in the sugar hydration shell is why it has a protective role in health.

In summary, sugar molecules like trehalose interact with hydrogen bonds which the Terahertz frequency also does.

In my opinion, charging water with Terahertz frequency with Trehalose added will give you a vast amount of potential healing!

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